Cigars are the smoke articles which need a special handling in all respects irrespective of consumption, packing and transportation or any other aspect.  This smoke article is quite different than normal cigarette smoking.  Just keep in mind that cigar smoking is a symbol of your status.  You not only puffing but living a standard too. In normal manner, tobacco consumption is considered harmful for health but the tradition of puffing through cigar sidelines all such harms and inspires people to have the same.  Often it is seen that some additional things are to be used with the best desired article.  Various accessories are needed to use a cigar.  You can say that cigarette doesn’t require any such accessory.  Just a lighter or match stick is sufficient.  But to gain something, you need to lose something.  This is normal see-saw principle of life.  As far as Cigars and accessories are concerned, you need to focus on this issue that to have a cigar you would be requiring some accessories.  A good class of ash tray, a cutter and a lighter are some of the best accessories.  These accessories can be categorized further.  Some accessories are mandatory which needed in manufacturing or in shipping matter.  But some of the accessories, which are required to user the cigars.

Class Both Matters In Cigar And Their Accessories

For description purposes, step by step narration will be suitable:

Accessories need for manufacturing and shipping:  Every cigar needs a special wrapper in which the tobacco is wrapped in such a manner that the ends of this pipe are not opened to lose the tobacco. Apart from the above, these wrappers must be from the natural things.  No artificial thing is required so that the harm of tobacco is not doubled.  Not only natural wrappers but the filler should be of less harm.  Yes, the main ingredient, tobacco should be fully processed so that the side effects of smoke are not affecting other persons as passive smoking.  Though, some effects are must and that cannot be avoided for non-smokers but still the accessories are available for manufacturing that can minimize the harm.

Now, shipping also requires some accessories.  These accessories are the best quality packing cases.  Without a best case, it will not be profitable to ship the cigars.  These smoke articles are sophisticated in nature and without a better case, damage is quite possible in transportation.  Wooden cases, steel cases, cartoon cases and many other options are used by the manufacturing companies for transportation.  In case a damaged piece of cigar box is reached till the customer, it will spoil the image of company.  So, to maintain the reputation of brand, companies do better arrangements.